Coach Bart sub10 @ Rev3 Cedar Point (Full Rev)

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  • In a few words: 

    • 6th IronMan for Coach Bart
    • 4th sub 10
    • 18/25 in the Pro Men Field
    • Worst Swim time
      It’s time to begin working on my swim 🙂
    • As usual, perfect organisation, Rev3 Team gets it the right way !
    • My goal next year: 9h20.
  • Race Report

Cedar Point is the only IronMan distance on the Rev3 Circuit, it is at a driving distance from Montreal. It was the third Rev3 event where I was present this year, as a coach or athlete, after Quassy and Maine.

The Pro field was very strong with 26 registered Pro men, it is quite an impressive roster !

26 Pro on the starting line !

I had to adjust my training, suffering from a contusion on the knee (mountain biking can be hard on you…), I was not able to train two days in a row, and to ride my bike for very long rides.

But it make it more interesting in the point of view of the coach 🙂

It took me 12 hours to get there from Montreal, with enough break it goes well.

1100km, I had some good PodCasts 🙂

I was staying at a home stay, Tap was my host, she was super friendly and helpful, I even get some amazing drawing from her daughter’s school !!

Sooo cute !!

so cute !!

  • Saturday morning:

Store, Expo and transition have been destoyed during the night, and the parking lot is under water !
The race of the day are changed to run course, it is better than nothing.

Saturday Run (Photo Eric Wynn)

Rev3 Team did an amazing job to setup everything back and everything was ready on time !!

Wetsuit will not be allowed for the Pro (but ok for AG), oups… I don’t have any speedsuit, and no budget to get one 😦

Without wetsuit, with the waves, the current and my very low swim training this year, I know I will have a huge gap to fill on the bike and run.

Weather get better, and I can do my pre-race workout 🙂  (Still windy !!)

Atmosphere is very friendly between the Pro, I had the chance to chat with Chris Mc Donald, Erik Limkemann, Elmar Eger, etc…
Elmar Eger was another fellow Canadian and professional coach from BC, and it was nice to receive some cheering from her Girl Friend during the race too 🙂
I hope we meet soon again mate !

  • Race Day:

Half and Full are on sunday, but Parking lot is huge and there is no problem to park close enough to Transition.

Transition at Cedar Point

Bike Ready, not to hard to fin my sport 😀

Transition is closing officialy at 6am (starting time is 6:50), but staff is quite easy going and no extra pressure is added to the athletes who are late.

A few minutes from the start (Photo Eric Wynn)

Easy to find (white guy) (Photo: Eric Wynn)

Starting is quite funky, we had to dolpin the first 100m, then I was alone for the next hour…

Can’t get boring !

Not easy to stay on the line with all the directions changes, the waves and currents.

Swim « turn around »

Water is not that warm, I get cold on the second lap.

I exit the water with only one other Pro behind me, ishhh, not a good time, but I knew it, right ? So let’s go !

On the Bike, the course is very nice, not too flat, not too hard, with enough curves so it does not get boring.

I get really cold in the water, so it is taking a while to warmup the legs on the first lap.
I pass mid course in 2h27, right on schedule 🙂

On the second loop, as expected, it gets windy, It’s time to work ! I finish the second half in 2h30, completing the bike sub 5 hours, as I was hoping.

Bike analysis

  • Run leg: the Marathon

My legs are good, my energy level is fine, I can target 3h15 for the marathon.

For the first 12 miles, everything is perfect, my split are between 7:20 and 7:35 /miles.

At mile 12 I miss the aid station, and decide to keep going… BIG MISTAKE ! Immediately I feel the energy going away !!

My pace goes down, I pass mile in 10 minutes instead of 7:30… it is not good !! I finally get to the next aid station where I had the tastiest gels of my life !

Step by step it is going back, my pace is descending every mile, but not fast enough… 9’30, 9’00, 8’45, 8’30… finally at mile 20 I get back on track below 8’00/mile, and I finish strong the last 2 miles sub 7’00, gaining a few position !

Etude du Marathon.

So I did a big mistake, trying to save a few seconds, I kept going instead of stoping at the aid station to get my gel: I lost 15 minutes  to save 15 seconds…

Finaly I finish the Marathon in 3h30, and the IronMan in 9h50, far from my 9h30 target, but considering the day, I’m happy to complete another sub 10 IronMan 🙂

Finish time

  • Conclusion:

I finish 18th Pro, it was my first experience in this category, and I learn a lot.

I see many things to improve to get to the 9h20 or 9h15 next year !

Free Photo Finish for all Participants

The last participant cross the line at 2:30 am She was a Veteran and Cancer survivor.
Sean, the official announcer, and the Rev3 Team and partners were up there to let her cross the finish line with all the honors she desserve !

You can feel the positive energy in this picture !

Monday morning a nice brunch was offered during the award ceremony, and at noon it was time to drive back home after an amazing week end in Ohio 🙂

Congrats to Rev3 for the great organization, Many thanks to all my athletes from BartCoaching, my club « Les Chickens », my friends and family who sent me some nice messages before and after the race 🙂

See you in 2013 !


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