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Revolution at Quassy for The Chickens !

French Version here 

This year we were a good « Les Chicken » delegation at Rev3 Quassy, on the OlyRev, the HalfRev or the Revolution (3 of us were competing for it)

Satuday – OlyRev

The weather was very bad, but the amazing Rev3 Staff and setup made it and supporters or athletes had so much fun: parking is very close, expo zone, buffet, finishing area, everything is well design for the event. The volunteer on the road made it very safe on the bike course, giving clear warning in case of narrow curve.

With more than 650 participants, the level is very interesting.

Rain won’t stop us from smiling !

As for the HalfRev, checkin is friday evening, we start at 7 am: this is a very good practice for half and full distance event.

Tatoo like a Pro 🙂

Congratulation to  Anne-Emmanuelle who finished 5th in her  25-29 AG for her first Olympic Triathon !

Anne with Poupou the « RubberChicken »

The bike course is very challenging, but so beautifull (758m of gain): it is comparable to one loop (90k) of  LakePlacid IronMan, but on 40k 🙂 The run course is very challenging too.

GPS data: OlyRev  Quassy: 758m gain

We were 3 Chickens registered for the Revolution  (Oly + Half), so we had race with intelligence on saturday to keep some legs for the Half !

On my side, I finished 11 / 656 overall and first with 1’20 on the second for the Revolution classification: it is a very fun challenge, and the fact that there is a classification for it make it very interesting 🙂

OlympicRev Results

After a short nap, bike tune up for the second stage 🙂

The Kestrel 4000 is quite Popular this year !

Transition area

Half of the crew is at the Pub to celebrate the first race day, and to prepare the second 🙂

Carbo Re-Load

Sunday – HalfRev

Waking up at 4:30am for two days in a roe: this is the hardest part of the Revolution !

Wave 5 and 6 Ready ! (Guiber, Pete, Seb, Bart and Coincoin)

Crazy Chickens

Ready !

Gooooooo !!

Water is calm, clean, and warm (no wetsuit for the Pro)

HalfRev – swim with the 910XT

Transition area is very well done, with our name on the racks, like the Pro !

Focus !

Exiting the water, I can check that I’ve created a gap with my direct opnent for the Revolution title ! Now let’s push on the bike !

Everything is perfect, after 45mn, I’m quite alone on the ride, the downhill are amazing, and the landscape is wonderful.

But at mile 28 my tire exploded, I tried to repair, change the tube, but the scratch was too big, even patching the tire did not help 😦 No support car was at the horizon for the next 30mn, so I had to drop out the race 😦 and even patch the tire

It was time to get back as head coach and number one supporter for my athletes then 🙂

Coincoin entering T2

Pete, in préparation for IM LakePlacid

Martin Flying

Great performance for Phil !

And the best chcken Jump for … SEBASTIEN !!! Even the speaker was emotional with our « Rubber Chicken »

Sebastien completing the Revolution !

Conclusion: this is toughhhhh !!!

« we did not come for nothing !! »

And of course: Marie France: who did not choose the easiest for her first Half IronMan: you can be proud of you ! Congratulations !!

Marie France, From Montreal !!

Anne had some time for small talk with Mirinda (world champion), who met « Poupou »  🙂

Anne et Mirinda with Poupou

  • Another photo of the group with Mirinda is coming, stay tuned  😉
  • HalfRev Results
  • Recap Video of the Pro Race to give you a good idea of the race:

Can’t wait for Rev3Maine, were we will be around 50 Chickens. I hope it will be the same guy on the microphone, he was amazing, he even let our chicken sing in the mic ! But we need to tll him the name of our « Rubber Chicken » first: Poupou !!

Thanks a lot Anne for all the pictures, and congratulation Rev3 for the organization and all the finishers !!


Une réflexion sur “Revolution at Quassy for The Chickens !

  1. Hey Les Chickens,

    I will surely be there in Maine and ready to celebrate with you and Poupou!!!
    Your team was fantastic and such good spirited athletes!

    Series Announcer for Rev3 Tri

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