Hawain Count Down: Party de Bureau :)

La, y’a pas a dire, on approche du jour J !

Big Dance is coming: thanks a lot to my colleges for their support:

We have an amazing team @ Clear-Com Research, full of positive energy 🙂

Steph, Taryn, Ben, Claude, Cliff, Hsin-Yun, Jean, Julie, Martin,  Patrick, Uli, Vincent, thanks again, I’ll dedicate you a few miles on the race 😉
(Alphapetic Order, but the Boss and his wife first of course ;)) 

For those asking about the event, and how to follow it live:

  • Live Coverage: Live Coverage (a 1 hour show will come later on air on NBC)
  • Bib Number (to track timing on the race): 1505
  • What: IronMan World Championship (3.8k swim – 180k Bike- 42.2k Run), 1500 participants from all over the world.
  • When: Saturday, October 8th, @7am (Hawaiian Time)
  • Finish: 5 to 6 pm -> it should take me between 10 hours and 11 hours (depends how I support heat and humididy on the marathon)
  • Event Website and info: http://ironmanworldchampionship.com/

PS: Steph, best idea you ever had  having the company  based in St Bruno to force me to bike 25k to work !

PPS: Next year I should have more time to organise and promote event for the company, as we did when Cliff and Uli did their first half marathon, whatch out guys, Hsin-Yun is catching up  😉


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