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IronMan Wisconsi Race Report (English)

Aloha !

As a pure « Chicken » (I began Triathlon in 2006 joining this club because they were talking more about having fun,and sharing beer than competition on their website !), I’m proud for the people who started this club to have successfully continued their great job.
As for Éric,founder and head coach when I arrived, he was my example.
This year I’m giving some time as a coach, but I must say that you are giving it back to me !
Just to say that it is great to be a « Chicken » 🙂
Two weeks before the race, I had an accident with a taxi cab, my bike was dead !
That’s were you see the difference between a usual « sponsor » and a real Partner who is ready to spend time and energy to help you out when it is necessary.
Thanks to Steven from Kestrel, and Kelly from Slipstream Athletics, I get a new bike setup on time for the race !!

D-2: Landing  in Madison

First stop @ Endurance House, to get my new bike, it has been built the night before, thanks Tim for working until 5am !! One more time, amazing people and service !
Then I have to go for wheel rental, mine are also crashed 😦
D-1: Meeting with José, from Equator, a bit lost, he is racing and staying in the same hotel as me, 10 miles from downtown, but he does not speek english and have no car. Happily I get a solution for both these problems 🙂
Race Day:

No stress. I don’t have a precise expectation, my preparation has been a new experiment, so let see !
*Season Receipt:
– lots of volume for IronMan St George (May 1st)
– Lots of speed work during race season, with good results
– IronMan Pace reminder during the month preceding IM Wisconsin.

Breakfast with the Kestrel 4000 🙂

At this time I just want to have fun, and see what I can do on the bike. I don’t know the course, but we have two loops 🙂
– Swimming (3.8k):
the washing machine, as usual, it is not my strength, but I’m happy to be there. My time is not good, but nothing dramatic compare to my training level in this sport the last three months.
Time: 1h14, 720/2550 Overall

T2: We have to go up three stairs on a public parking,  that’s fun 😀 And then to run more than 500m with our bike shoes, less fun ! One good reason to be a Pro.

Then we go back down on the three level parking, but on the bike, to reach the street.
A bit of time lost in the traffic and narrow curves in the first kilometers, but I’m used to it. After a while it’s getting better, and then I’m gaining position step by step.
The course is really beautiful, and not as easy as I though: the climb are really steep, with a lots of curves. I must say that I prefer the « Lake-Placid style », at least you can get your pace on a long climb. Here you have to constantly play with the shifter and go off the saddle.
Time is going fast, and drafting is very limited ! On the top riders, only one group of four has been penalized because they were playing a dangerous game, as Pro do in Kona, staying within « official distance ». But the referee did not like it.
I was not sure if I had enough training to maintain my effort until the end, but I felt strong. Following my race plan, I did not let anything for the next leg. I finished strong, gaining a lots of position on the last 25k.
We will see what’s left in the tank next.

Bike (180k): 5h08,  21.8 m/h, 32nd  split Overall

I have no idea about my position, so no pressure, I quit T2 in 6h30, I’m happy ! It’s giving me 3h30 for the marathon to make it sub 10 hours… okay, let’s see, we still have a long way to go !

In the first miles, I get passed by another M30-34 (we can see him on the pic.), he’s much faster than me, but I’ve already seen that in all my IronMan, and in general,  I’m always catching up, keep it easy !
Then another guy from another AG pass me. Okay, I’ll try it ! It seems to fast, but I need to take some risk to some day: we run together until mile 6, then he has to slow down 😦
Okay, I’m on my own.
Then I see that I’m closing the gap with the guy from my AG who passed me at the beginning, at this time a little voice is starting to talk about Kona in my head…
Around mile 8, a 40-45 is passing me, he is giving me a few words to encourage me, mummmm may be I can try to keep up with him ? I ask him if he is okay if we run « together ».  He was very friendly and talkative, he knew everybody on the race 😀 His pace was definitly higher than what I was thinking I could handle. In another hand, I never had a « bunk » on any of my IronMan or Marathon. It may happen today, but It worth the try if I want to break the 10 hours (and may be Kona).
His name is Craig, he was racing his 12th IronMan (with several Hawaii). He has been very helpful, talking and giving advices, it really helped me out.
I’m always above my zone of « comfort », but that’s the first time on any IM that I actually Race the marathon, I mean that I can decide if I want to increase or decrease the pace, I don’t only have one speed « keep going ».
We pass the half marathon, I have two hours to break the 10 hours. Seems good to me 🙂
We ran side by side until mile 18, but we are not talking anymore. I have to slow down a bit, the heat is killing me, so I take more time at the aid station to get some Ice on my hat and on my hands. The shadow in the park is a relief !
One of my cmpetitor is passing me, 6 miles to go, but he is quite faster than I am, he will run in 3h15, and at this time, I’m in the red zone, and I don’t know anything about my position.
At the end, I found some energy to accelerate for the last 3 miles
I finish over my expectations !
Marathon: 3h21, 34e Overall  marathon split

It worth the Chicken Jump ! (no  picture 😦 )

Final Time: 9:51:30,  38e/2550 Overall, 7e AG 30-34

I had to wait until Monday morning to know if I had a slot, they were giving 7  !
Above the line =  Kona 🙂

Off course, one day, I would love to learn how to swim to play for the podium, but finishing below 10 hours , Top 40 and a slot for Kona with no roll down (ok it was tight 😉 ), I sign for it !!

For the book, my buddy on the marathon, Craig, also broke his PR and of course get a spot for Kona, (he finished two minutes ahead of me in 9:49:46) that’s a Team work !

Thanks a lot for your support, even far away, I was feeling it: each time I was crossing a timing point, I was thinking that may be a chicken or a friend was checking my split !
During the 5 hours on the bike this little things  help to keep short term goals !

Special Thanks to Steven Harad from Kestrel, et a Kelly from SplistreamAthletics, without you, I would not be in Kona next year !

Thanks to for your support during all this year !

This IronMan may be the resume of my 2010 year:
It started with a bad story, with unexpected situations, but finally, with hard work, a positive mentality (thanks to my special « coach » 😉 ), and with the help from people I did not even know at the beginning of this year, a complicated story get much more simple, and finished with a « Happy End » !

See you in Hawaii, October 2011!

And  I’ll be riding my Kestrel for sure !! (specially now that they have one that fit with the official « Chickens » colors 🙂


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