Bart's Race Reports/Comptes Rendus

Charlevoix Triathlon

Great race this week end for Charlevoix Triathlon !

The 4000, ready for the best bike split 🙂

  • Goal: The first goal of the week end was to train for Timberman 70.3 in 3 weeks.
    Saturday we rode for 90k, 8k brick and 1000m swim. Not too much intensity, keeping the intensity workout for sunday 🙂
    I was my first Olympique Distance since 2007.
  • Interesting field : with the participation of Pierre Lavoie, and other Elite athletes.
  • Tornado:  I get more and more comfortable on my new Kestrel, finishing with the best bike split overall, and running my 10k below 39 minutes, which was unexpected !

My 4000, finally with two Zipp 808, and new Look pedals

fifth podium in a row and best bike split 🙂

  • frustration: My poor swim level, which prevent me from playing with the Elite for the overall win. Next Winter I will go to the next level, Mathieu, slow down !!
  • Best of the week end: Pierre Lavoie chatting with me at the end of the race, and saying « I was watching you each turn around (7 total), you were closing the gap each time, you’re riding fast ! »  It made my day !
  • Congratulation to Nick, one of the athletes I’m coaching, on his way to the Duathlon World Championship in Edinbourg:
    Best bike split
    on the Duathlon Oly, third overall, and prize money ! Keep up with the good work !!

Nick on the podium Overall (Duathlon Oly)

Congratulation to all the chickens, for their performances specially for the one who completed their first Triathlon !
Thanks for this amazing week end, and to Fred « Gazelle » for managing everything !

Normand, Gazelle, Bart and Coincoin

More pictures from the week end

Nick Race Report (soon)

Many Thanks to and Kestrel Bicycles for their support ! Kestrel


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