Bart's Race Reports

A big Race week end !

It was a big race week end, with two races: It’s good to have some sponsors to motivate you to wake up @5am saturday and sunday morning !

Thank you and kestrel bicycle 😀

Sprint Triathlon in Mont Tremblant, with all the chickens,
winning my AG 30-39, and 8th/260 Overall

Triathlon Mont Habitant (700m/30k/8k) ,
2nd in my AG, and 6th/97 Overall

Finding the pace for a sprint distance is really tough, but it’s good !

Mont Tremblant was so much fun, with almost 40 Chicken participating.
And the best for a coach: they all did very well and all the beginner can’t wait for their next race 🙂

Carbo Load on Friday

All the Chicken at the end of the race, you are Triathletes !!

I will receive my new Kestrel this week, so I have to sell my bike, contact me if you are interested !

For Sale, Cervelo P2SL Pro, 58cm, Dura Ace

– On Sunday I was racing in Mont Habitant.
I had a good race, felt very strong on the bike, pushing very hard at the end to make a new « power record » with my bike for its last race, moving up to the 2nd or 3rd position overall when I get lost in the last kilometres: Simon Malo, the first, followed the official Car, but he was out of sight, and the cop in charge was not at his post. At the end it did not change anything: Simon is playing in another category, so no way to get the first position in my AG.

2nd behind Simon Malo, quite an honnor 🙂

Then it was time for a recovery ride with Julien

Quebec is beautiful !


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