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IronMan St George, Prologue…

IronMan St George takes place in an amazing place, surounded by so many national Parks (Gran Canyon, Zyon, Bryce Canyon, Death Valley), that I wanted to visit for a long time.

With Francois, doctor in Bora-Bora (Tahiti), we were looking for a race to do together (his first IronMan), and this one was just in the middle (almost): direct flight to LA for him, and direct flight to Las Vegas for me ! What a great deal !

The date of the event was far from perfect: May, 1st, which mean that at best, I will have around 1 month to train outdoor  (from mid March to mid April).
But It has to be fair: for Francois, training on a little Island, where the only road is a 30km flat loop around the island, and being the head doctor of the public `hospital` is neither easy.

So one year ago we signed up for it ! No going back !

To get some sort of motivation, I found a way to race the famous Pucon Half IronMan in Chile, which was quite amazing, and helped me to maintain a minimum of training.
For the first time in my life I had to really train on the HomeTrainer.
My plan was to focus on quality, so 2 sessions of specific interval training, focusing on maintaining my Max Aerobic Power (MAP)  and my Treshold (FTP), and a third endurance session, that I would replace by XC-Ski (but the conditions were not that good this year 😦 )

While I was racing in Pucon, Francois was doing his first half IronMan in Bora-Bora: he won the race (okay, he was the only one, but the race has a worldwide live coverage !), are we crazy ?

So everything was going quite well, I had a fairly good result in Pucon, considering that I was not riding my bike, and the level of the race, and I had some extra motivation, getting being selected in the 2010 Team and Kestrel Bicycle Team.

Unfortunalty, things did not go as planned (which is actually expected when you train for IM, but this time it was a bit too much…):

Coming back from Chile,  I did not feel good. First I though it was the tiredness, I was not hable to reproduce the training I was doing when I started back my training two month before Pucon (3 month ago !): Having a PowerMeter is a very good indicator in this case: it can´t lie !
Basicly, I had to hold on the training for 7 weeks, enjoying the efficiency of our health system. Finaly I get my medication from Francois, who sent the medication via airmail…

Giardia lamblia The problem was a parasyte that I contracted drinking water back in Chile, but hardly detectable: so the doctor in Quebec were still trying to find something, asking me to do more and more test (blood, urine,.., even a Radiology exam that is not done anymore in Europe for 40 years !). But Francois first guess was that with the symptoms, and my recent history (travel to the south, drinking water, life style), there was a lots of chances we had a parasyte involved, and giving a try is the easiest solution (but Quebecois Doctor did not hear it the same way) !

Having only 6 weeks left before the race, I was really considering giving up on particpating, but the trip was already planned, and at least I have to go to support Francois, plus my brother already booked his ticket, joining us for his holidays ! Our support crew is already composed of 7 people (okay, they are also coming to visit the region !!)

For professional athletes, if you are at the top of your form, we say that 1 month Off, means two month to get back: happily, I´m far from being a Pro…

I had to build a plan based on volume, so I can get to the finish line. That´s really something I hate (so boring), but I had no choices.
Week after week, the powermeter was not lying: I was still far from my level in december, and comparing rides that I did the year before (preparing LakePlacid) was not good at all for my morale !

Whatever, I should considere me lucky to be able to participate in the race.

I must say thank you to the Chicken who supported me:  who said that Triathlon is an individual sport ?
Dave, JC and Phil, the training week end we had together in LP was sooo good !

I just had to review my goals, so qualifying for Kona has to be postponed, but counting on my experience and past years of training, I will still try to aim for a Top100.

At the same time, Francois was entering the phase where you are asking yourself why you register, and you think that you are never doing enough training.

Eventualy, we both get to the starting line, ready to enjoy the day !

Just keeping in mind that the first goal is to have some fun !

Bryce Canyon


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