IronMan St George – PreRace

Pre Race from IronMan St George where Francois was competing in his first IronMan, and myself for the third one

Cleaning up the bike

Packing up:
Bike Bag
For Bike transport, I bought a « SoftCase » (aerus biospeed), that’s really the best choice I could have made ! Super light, tiny, secure and well designed, and very convenient when you travel, because it does not take much space once empty.

D-3: Visiting the finish line

Bike test… Windy !!


Run Test: dry and hilly!

For the Night life…

Transition Swim To Bike, Francois Looking for his bike !

Okay, here it is, one of the only ‘CycloTourism’ Bike

Bag Zone for T1:

The lake, where we are suppose to swim, check out the wind (‘flags’ flying in the background)

Where are the Swimmer ? Poeple are suppose to train in the lake before the event no ?? Too Cold !!

Okay,then let’s test the pool ! (we had three pool at our appartment, 25m pool + 20m indoor pool + Jakusi 🙂

@The Athlete meeting

Interview after the last Pool session

And the final Comment by Francois, 18 hours before start:

Supporters are ready for the Race:
– upport Crew Video: Francois
– upport Crew Video: Bart

More Pictures available here


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