Pentathlon des Neiges – Winter Pentathlon

Pentathlon des neiges 2010

This event is now the biggest outdoor event in winter in Canada !

It consist of one race, with 5 different winter sports, with no stop: bike/Run/Ski/Skate/SnowShoeing

This year, I was participating in two races, the relay on saturday, to help Claire’s team, and the « Solo long distance » on sunday.

Ice Skating has been cancelled, temperature being to high.

Unfortunatly, I’ve been sick for two weeks now. So i tried to take it as easy as possible, so I could cross the finish line.

Saturday race was so much fun, we had three team from claire’s company that were fighting, and we won my one minute 🙂

Sunday race was a great experience.

DSC 0572

Despite a very bad form, I appreciated the race thanks to the amazing crowd and the supporter, my friends and team mate supported me during all the race, while the temperature was going down.

DSC 0621

Finally I cross the ligne in 2:20 (32/91 Overall), happy to have completed this amazing event for the second time.

DSC 0652

I hope I could solve my health problems asap, otherwise, I will have to forget IronMan St George in May…


3 réflexions sur “Pentathlon des Neiges – Winter Pentathlon

  1. Super le CR, et bravo pour la perf: qu’est ce que ça aurait été si t’avais été en forme !
    C’est vrai que tu as mauvaise mine ! mais t’inquiète, ça va revenir: tu vas pas me laisser faire St-Georges tout seul tout de même !!!
    Pense à ceux qui ont fait la dengue 😉

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